Saturday 30 January 2010

New Aventine image!

Mark Rademaker, Ships of the Line artist and USS Aventine designer, was kind enough to send me an image to release today. It's a new shot of the Aventine, which he describes as a "rough render of the Aventine that I did before I applied the final paintjob. I filtered it to give it a bit of a "comic" style look." He also noted that, as work will commence on the more refined version of the design soon (ahead of it appearing the cover of Zero Sum Game), that this will be the last image released of the Mark I version! Enjoy:


Anonymous said...

Wonderful ship design!

I wish this vessel was available in Star Trek Online (STO). The Cryptic/Atari folks would be wise to try new marketing strategies with mini-episodes related to various new ST books. For those that complain about Ezri Dax's sudden ascendancy to the Captain's chair, they should be reminded that STO does the same thing with its players! :)

alexlyoko13 said...

I wish there was a model of this ship

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