Sunday 13 December 2009

Online product and pictures

There are now listings abound for a "Collectors' Edition" of Star Trek Online, which will include a whole host of extra bits, such as: A hardcover manual and art book, containing forty pages of concept art for the game. A metal comm badge from the game's uniform design. Three guest passes to give some friends a ten-day trial of the game. TNG and DS9 design uniform options for your in-game crew. And the "Red Matter Capacitor: A unique item that charges up and delivers extra energy to all of your ship’s equipment for a short time."

On top of all that yet more retail exclusive versions have been revealed. In addition to the TOS Enterprise model and Borg bridge officer previously revealed, there will also be:
-A pet tribble (for Federation), or Targ (for Klingon) for captains in-game, from Best Buy.
-A TR-116 weapon for ground based offensives, from Target.
-Multi-spatial personal shields, which constantly regenerate! from Direct2Drive.
-Chromodynamic Armor, which improves the effectiveness of weapons, from STEAM.
-And Walmart will offer a "bonus skill points package".

And finally the usual plethora of new screencaps, including quite a lot of new ship designs:
See more in Massively and IGN's galleries.

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