Saturday 28 November 2009

Star Trek Online update

Apologies for the downtime folks, lots to catch up on!

There has been the usual barrage of information from Star Trek Online as it comes nearer to its release, now announced as February 2nd, and now with box art and system requirements!

There have been a few new videos, including the second "The Future Past" video, which gives a video version of The Path to 2409, and in fact beyond where The Path has so far progressed to, taking us all the way up to 2409.

Some of the highlights from this part of the Online history include the revelation that Species 8472 have been manipulating some of the major races to bring about the Online-verse's state of all out war, and that due to the Klingon victories in the wars when you play on the Klingon side you'll also be able to play as some of their recently conquered subject species; the Gorn, Nausicaans and Orions!

And if one video isn't enough, here's a new trailer too:

And a two part guide to space combat!

There have also been plenty of interviews and articles. One explaining the "episode" structure of the game can be found, here. Which explains the game at launch will come with three seasons of forteen episodes with plans to add more in future. While another article explains that he Federation part of the game takes most of the directed story telling, with users playing as Klingons to be focused more on player vs player gameplay. The Federation also get more ships, with sixteen ship configurations customisable into forty-eight different designs! While the Klingons get to work their way through thirteen configurations.

If videos aren't enough there's also the usual guzillion new screencaps, here're a few highlights:

And finally, if you fancy doing some pre-ordering, two retailers are offering exclusive bonus content, a classic Constitution class starship from Gamestop:

Or a Borg bridge officer from Amazon:

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