Thursday 24 September 2009

Comics stuff

Various comics bits: Chris Ryall posted a showy page from last week's Romulans: Schism premier issue, well worth checking out:This week's Spock: Reflections got a whole six-page preview on Comic Continuum, here's one of them, featuring a familiar starbase design:Additionally David Messina has posted the same page on his blog without the text, as well as a page from Nero issue two.

Finally Comic Books Resources published an interview with Zander Cannon, the writer of the forthcoming new TNG series Ghosts, which he decribed as follows: "Ghosts' starts out as a routine rescue mission above a planet on which there are two feuding nations, one of which is a Federation ally. After rescuing the lone survivor of the disaster, the crew of the Enterprise finds that he seems to be haunted by phantoms, one of which he says is Captain Picard. While they unravel that mystery, the tensions heat up between the two nations, and the crew has to investigate claims of espionage, kidnapping, and murder while keeping themselves out of harm's way."

...and one more think, on the TrekBSS Keith R.A. DeCandido sneakily slipped out he has just handed a new comic script in to IDW (presumably for a Star Trek one...)

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