Saturday 1 November 2008

Crew cover

Chris Ryall has released the cover and solicitation blurb for the first issue of John Byrne's TOS prequel series Crew:

Eight years before "The Cage,” the young woman who would become the Starship Enterprise's "most experienced officer" was a lowly cadet assigned to the shakedown cruise of an uncommissioned starship. But that supposedly pedestrian mission may prove the most dangerous of her life.

Meanwhile on John Byrne's forums the writer and artist has been discussing the structure of the series a little: "We're probably going to do the ship-as-frame motif for the whole series, since issues 2 & 3 deal with ships that are not Constitution Class, and so will allow some variety." Byrne is apparently still considering adding a forth ship in for the forth issue to push back the return of the Constitution class to the fifth issue of the series.

Elsewhere on those same forums Byrne has been discussing his plans for the next stage in his Romulans saga. On the number of issues: "Probably three. There will be three principle groups represented, so I am currently thinking the "chapters" will present events from each perspective in turn."


Unknown said...

John Byrne is doing the prequel comics?

While he's done great at the Romulans, I was hoping for something with a little more bang. Heck, grab Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, even those other comic artists that normally do Trek. Pull all the punches out on this one.

8of5 said...

It's a quite specifically focused prequel; it's about Number One's career working her way up from Cadet to the Enterprise.

As much as John Byrne has grown on me a lot, I've really enjoyed Assignment: Earth and The Hollow Crown, I feel letting him take a prequel series might be a slight wasted opportunity, where a writer who actually likes non-TOS Star trek could fill in a lot of blanks and make connections with Enterprise I don’t think Byrne will really go near there.

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