Thursday 4 September 2008

History of Star Trek Online, 2379-2380

Cryptic Studios have released ther first of their history summaries leading into Star Trek Online (set a couple of decades after the current chronological final frontier).

In summary: 2379-2380 following Nemesis, Romulan space is in political disarray with factions led by Donatra and Tal'aura at odd and the Remans making demands. The Enterprise is repaired and relaunched on it's mission of exploration, while half the crew is reassigned in the months long refit, including those who now serve on the Titan. (an oddly long time after the Dominion War) The female changeling is put on trial and detained at the maximum security facility on Ananke Alpha, and Ro Laren is also tried for defecting to the maquis a decade earlier and is sent for rehabilitation on Earth. On Cardassia Keiko O'Brien leads an agricultural project in Andak, which is opposed by "xenophobic groups such as the True Way and Gul Macet's conservative bloc" but supported by the likes of Elim Garak. Memory Alpha predicts that without more similar projects the Cardassian Union could fall in three years.

A rather odd mix of closely following details from prose works (lots from the DS9 relaunch, TNG relaunch, Titan, Articles of the Federation, etc) yet also utterly rejecting elements from the same works: The fate of Ro and classifying Macet as xenophobic. A curious mix, I wonder what's next... Read the full report, here.

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