Tuesday 9 September 2008


The Art Asylum blog has posted the results of a recent DST: Star Trek Q & A session. Some of the highlights from their responses include:

The first details on a new tribble toy: "the Tribble will have sound and motion. When you first pick it up it will shake slightly and purr after 5 seconds or more shaking it will “scream” and shake more violently, as if a Klingon had picked it up."

On the next starship models they want to produce; they are aiming for about one ship a year, the Defiant is in their top five to-do list, but not one of the next two. The Reliant is also in the top five and they would like to do a "bad guy" (Klingon, Romulan, etc) at some point. Voyager is unlikely to happen.

On action figures; They'd like to fill out the sets they've started, with Quark for DS9 and Rand and Chapel if they ever do another TOS wave, but no commitments as yet.

What they do have plans for in figures: "We’re going to keep going with the movie 2 packs until sales slow down so there is every chance we could get all the way to the TNG movies, we’d certainly like to." and they have plans for some Voyager figures, but not the whole crew.

For the full questions and answers, see the original report, here.

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