Wednesday 14 May 2008

Starship Spotter: The Next Generation

On his blog, Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz has reflected on his and Robert Bonchune's 2001 book the Star Trek: Starship Spotter.

Mojo highlights his disappointment with the final print quality of the book and that ever frustrating page break that splits every one of the shinny CGI renders of the starships in the book in two. He "wished we could have personally provided new & better renders for everyone who bought the book", and now has gone some way to doing that; Recently while looking through his archives Mojo re-discovered some new renders he had produced which took the wireframes from the book but used more complex colour lighting to give them a whole new look. Mojo and Bonchune had hoped to get these renewed wireframes into the book but had come up with the idea too late after their deadline so they never made it. But here is one:

And if you look at Mojo's original post you'll find another of the Enterprise-E along with a type-10 shuttlecraft, the Delta Flyer, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, a Hirogen ship and Defiant, Nova, Constitution, Prometheus, Miranda and D7 class starships.


Unknown said...

That is just plain amazing!!!!! Now if only that could be done with the Luna class!

8of5 said...

Perhaps you should send a request in the direction of Mr Tourangeau :)

We need more Titan art though… I hope we finally get an image of her in this year’s Ships of the Line calendar.

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