Saturday 31 May 2008

Mirror Images #3 is... TNG?

Well here's a little surprise, Joe Corroney has released (on his myspace blog) his cover artwork for the third issue of the Mirror Images series, and it has a distinctly 24th century Stargazer sort of felling to it:

There was meant to be TNG mirror universe stuff coming, as IDW described in their press release for Second Stage: "A second Mirror Images series, spotlighting The Next Generation crew, is slated for the second half of 2008, written by IDW Star Trek editor Andrew Steven Harris and screenwriter George Strayton". This cover would seem to indicate the TOS and TNG series have been smushed together... or something, I’m confused…

...UPDATE: As ever the internet allows a path to the answers, as Scott Tipton (one of the series' writers) describes it on IDW's message boards: "We'll be taking a break from our larger Pike/Kirk struggle to do a flash-forward interlude to a turning point in the life of Mirror Jean-Luc Picard. After issue 3, we'll return to the Enterprise." So there we go, Mirror Images is just about sticking to TOS, just with a side step half way through.

UPDATE 2: Scott Tipton has also confirmed this issue will not be released in August (the month it would have originally been planned for but was not solicited for in the most recent announcements), due to tight schedules they were aware they would not make the deadline so decided not to announce it as an August issue knowing it would be late.

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