Friday 23 May 2008

Assignment: Earth #5 cover + #1 review

On his forums John Byrne has released the first look (an inked version) of his cover for the final issue in his Assignment: Earth miniseries:

See the original post for a little making-off feature.

And as the first issue of this series was out this week, I offer the following mini-review:

A Gary Seven series, sounded like a winner from the start to me. By John Byrne, I was a little less enthusiastic about as I really didn't enjoy his art much in the Romulans Alien Spotlight. The Alien Spotlight did have a cracking story though and this continues with Assignment: Earth, Byrne is really quite a good story teller, and that really makes his comics work. The art I still find a bit dated in places, but it's a little more fitting a style for 1960s Earth, so it works. And it is only the style I find jarring, the art in terms of story telling, variety and dynamism is superb. Overall, the series is off to a strong start with the fun and interesting story in the first issue. Go buy it.

1 comment:

Bernard said...

I wasn't as impressed with this one as much as the other ones that have been done.

I do agree that while John Byrne writes a mean comic...his drawing style is definitely old school. That's not a bad thing but I kinda was hoping for more. If you look at it from the standpoint of when Gary Seven was first introduced, I guess it is quite appropriate. Hopefully, his art grows on me.

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