Wednesday 28 March 2007

Wil Wheaton writing for Star Trek: The Manga 2

Wil Wheaton (aka Wesley Crusher in TNG) has announced on his blog that he is writing a story for volume two of Tokyopop's Star Trek: The Manga books.

He did not give much away, as he noted the book hasn’t officially been announced yet, but he did reveal his tale will be a TOS story, seemingly ending speculation that Tokyopop’s second books would be a TNG collection for TNG 20th anniversary following the TOS book last year for the 40th anniversary.

Tokyopop acquired the Star Trek manga license in 2004 and had originally planed a TNG collection, however after some development time they decided to produce a TOS collection instead to celebrate the 40th anniversary last year. As TNG's 20th anniversary is this year it has widely been assumed the original delayed project might resurface as the second book out this year. Mr Wheaton's announcement would seem to imply the TNG projet remains on hold, though it's possible his story could be a crossover or the new book could have stories from different series.

Amazon have had a listing for Star Trek: The Manga 2 for a month or so.

Wil Wheaton's annoucment can be found here. Details of the original TNG project, including some very nice art can be seen here. Hopefully those original stories will see light in some form one day.

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