Tuesday 20 March 2007

IDW June releases

Comics Continuum has put up IDWs releases for July. They include the final issue of "The Space Between", IDWs premier TNG series. And the third issue of "Klingons: Blood Will Tell", a TOS series told from the Klingons point of view.

The final part of The Space Between will apparently be tying together the previous five issues, which at first view would appear to one off stories. It will be interesting to see what they do to bring the stories together.

Blurb for The Space Between Issue 6:
Written by David Tischman with art by Casey Malone.
Jean-Luc Picard has always been an explorer, traveling the galaxy to seek out new life and new civilizations, but after seven years as captain of the Enterprise, he makes a startling discovery‹scientific information from the Enterprise's mission logs has been used to develop deadly weapons systems. Is Starfleet involved? And if so, how high does the conspiracy go? Ignoring direct orders from his superiors, Picard launches an all-out offensive on the secret base where these weapons are stored. Picard is not about to see his mission perverted for military use and strategic control. Five single-issue stories come together in the explosive, action-filled conclusion of "The Space Between."

Blurb for Blood Will Tell Issue 3
Written by David and Scott Tipton with art by David Messina
They say history is written by the victors: Blood Will Tell continues its look at the other side of the coin in the battle between Starfleet and the Klingons! Still struggling against the treaty with the Federation, the Klingon Empire looks for a new way to conquer: behind the scenes, one planet at a time. Can a single Klingon tame a world? Commander Krell aims to try!

As with all IDW's comics these issues will be available in a plethora of covers. Typically there are two covers easily available, one art, one a photomonatge and then additional covers less readily available. Below is one of the covers, by Joe Corroney for The Space Between 6:

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