Thursday 7 January 2021

Discovery round-up: That Hope Is You, Part 2 previews, plus latest behind the scenes and more

This week has brought us the final episode of Discovery season three, That Hope is You, Part 2, and as ever CBS have released plenty of previews to ready you for watching. Continue below to check out those, alongside a round-up of all the latest Disco behind the scenes.

Here's the blurb for the new episode:

As the Emerald Chain tightens its grip and the mystery of the Burn is finally solved, Burnham and the crew have one last chance to save themselves – and the Federation.

Unusually CBS seem to have neglected to upload the trailer to Instagram or Youtube this week. You can find on though, and the ever helpful Nación Trek have also uploaded the copy below:

There's a good selection of preview images for the episode. This first batch focuses on the holographically species-switched characters:

And then there's a whole bunch of action on the Discovery:

As ever, there's also a preview clip from the episode at the end of last week's edition of The Ready Room. Otherwise the episode looks at last week's There Is a Tide..., including a general behind the scenes featurette, and another section looking art props from the season. The interview this week is with director Jonathan Frakes. You can also find this on, YouTube, or Facebook, if you prefer to Instagram below:

Jonathan Frakes is also the focus of many of the behind the scenes images from last week's episode that CBS have  released:

There's more Ryn love from David Ajala, who shared this photo of himself with Noah Averbach-Katz:

And Averbach-Katz also marked his final moments on set with this video:

He also shared some photos with Kenneth Mitchell:

And Mitchell himself shared this photo showing of his chair, and these lovely thoughts on the representation his new role symbolises:
Thank you for the warm reception to this new character. It was a special collaboration with my Discovery family that injected me with heaps of Love & Inspiration during my tough battle with ALS. A reminder that despite ones disabilities there is always room for possibility & ability. Incredibly grateful for the inclusion. 

Dipping right back to the start of the season, Sonequa Martin-Green shared some beautiful photos from time spent on location in Iceland:

And from the same episode, costume concept artist Keith Lau shared this artwork for an Andorian costume design:

Back in-universe, the latest of the social media Logs series has a moment of fear from Detmer:

And as ever, there's a whole bunch of extra images that have been released from last week's episode post-airing:

Finally, there's a whole bunch more photos of Grudge the cat, who the entire production, not least the on-set photographer, are clearly obsessed with:

Alongside previous seasons, the series can be found on CBS All Access(ad) in the US, and Bell Media services in Canada, and Netflix in almost all of the rest of the world (barring a few countries where Netflix doesn't work). 

To keep track of all the latest Discovery news, have a look back through my Discovery tag, for previews, behind the scenes, tie-in fiction, and other merchandise updates.

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