Sunday 31 March 2019

New Official Guide to the Animated Series book coming

Listings for a new TAS reference book have just started cropping up, revealing a rare treat for TAS fans coming this September. Written by Aaron Harvey and Rich Schepis, The Official Guide to the Animated Series, from publisher Weldon Owen, promises an in depth look into the making of the series, including production artwork and new interviews. Continue below to check out the cover, blurb and preview pages!

The first and only guide to the beloved and star-studded Star Trek: The Animated Series, the in-canon (mostly) continuation of the iconic Star Trek: Original Series.

Star Trek was left for dead in 1969, after the cancellation of The Original Series (TOS). However, even though new adventures of the Enterprise and its crew were not being produced, it remained in the zeitgeist due to syndication and fan-run conventions. As a result, Star Trek became more popular and led to Gene Roddenberry and Filmation Studios continuing the Enterprise’s original five-year mission on Saturday morning television.

Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS) was a critical success, airing 22 episodes over two seasons and earning the franchise its first Emmy Award in 1975. The show featured the voices of almost the entire original cast, including William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, along with TOS writers Dorothy Fontana (“Journey to Babel”), David Gerrold (“The Trouble with Tribbles”), acclaimed science-fiction author Larry Niven, and many more.

This book is the first officially dedicated to TAS, and provides fans with behind-the-scenes production documents, never-before-seen art, and all-new interviews with the people who produced the Enterprise's new animated adventures.

Star Trek: The Official Guide to The Animated Series reveals the efforts it took to translate TOS into animated form, includes a Databank encyclopedia of new and returning characters, ships, and planets, as well as trivia, bloopers, and TAS's connections to other Star Trek shows.
Previews of six spreads have been released already, which appear to cover the whole episode entries for Yesteryear and The Pirates of Orion. They give a good feel for the colourful presentation in the book, and good use of artwork from the production, including new big presentations of the glorious background paintings used in the series.

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