Friday 12 October 2018

Cherry Tree's Borg Cube PCs seem to have assimilated the Ferengi

In a most unexpected twist, it seems the Borg from Cherry Tree, makers of Borg Cube PCs, maybe have recently assimilated some Ferengi, as among the most recent variants of their Borg Cube PC models you now find this opulent gold version of the ship/computer! Check it out, along with other variants, below:

This is a finish now offered on their Borg Micro Cube PC, which you can also get in translucent green, for a more Borgy look:

Plus of course there's the classic black with green lighting highlights. One of their other images recently released shows off this classic look, with the delightfully surreal view of an optical disc drive tray poking out of the cube:

All the different models are available from Cherry Tree's website, where you can also spec them out however you please.

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