Friday 28 September 2018

USS Enterprise shaped PC on the way from Lenovo

What's the best sort of Star Trek product? One shaped like the USS Enterprise of course! So thank you Lenovo for bringing us the latest in a long line of things improbably starship-shaped, with the forthcoming Tiburn Enterprise Star Trek PC, which was debuted at the Lenovo Tech World Conference in Beijing this week. were on hand to get pictures:

Aside from the additional cargo module slotted in between the ship's nacelle's, it's a pretty decent model of the ship, which comes mounted on a posable stand with a Starfleet delta shaped base. The posability is practical as the computer includes an option built in projector (which I assume shines out of the flap in the top of the saucer).

The rest of the spec includes a ninth generation Intel core processor, NVDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card, 32G DDR4 memory, a 1TB M.2 solid state drive, and a 2TB mechanical hard disk.

It also has snazzy LED lighting around the saucer and nacelles, and an on switched discreetly placed in the middle of the deflector dish.

Here's a video of all the lighting in action:

Lenovo haven't announced when this is expected to come to market, although Mydrivers report it's only licensed for 25 countries, while other tech sites seem to think it's only going to be offered in China - So smushing those bits of information together I would speculate you might not see this outside of Asia (but hopefully it does come further afield!).

This isn't the first starship computer, if you can't wait for the Enterprise, then Cherry Tree already offer a range of Borg Cube shaped PCs.

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