Wednesday 11 April 2012

Check out the new crystalline entity!

Robert Meyer Burnett, director of Free Enterprise, is currently busy working on documentaries for the forthcoming TNG bluray releases. He has also recently started tweeting samples from the remastered episodes, giving us some tantalising new looks at TNG. Most notably the all new crystalline entity (from DataLore):

Amazing huh? The crystalline entity was one of the earliest CGI effects in all of Star Trek, so I'm sure it's original form will remain a notable appearance for many more technical viewers. But as far as just immersing oneself in the episode goes I cant wait to see more of this twinkly new version!

Burnett has also released a sample from Code of Honor. A somewhat less exciting view, but I continually impressed just how good TNG looks without that pink fuzz!

The first season of TNG is set for bluray release later this year, Amazon UK recently added a listing for the set suggesting a July release. Keep an eye on TrekCore, who posted up the comparison images and continue to provide fantastic coverage of the remastering project.

UPDATE: TrekCore have spotted something else on Burnett's twitter: The thirteen seconds of missing footage from Sins of the Father which was replaced with upconverted SD footage for the release of the The Next Level sample disc, has been found! (Thankfully as those few seconds were incredibly jarring!):
It was indeed found and replaced. For the season three box set, SINS will be intact. We deal with this in a documentary for Season One.

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