Monday 13 June 2011

Mark Rademaker's Project Full Circle

Mark Rademaker has been commenting on his work on the Voyager fleet design project on the TrekBBS lately, here are a few of the thing's he has revealed:

On the Merian class science vessels he commented:
I designed the Merian to be a replacement class for the aging Miranda. Less crew, newer technology same diversity. Planck and Hawking will look reasonable the same, the Curie is a variant. The platform is very easy to construct and modular.
On the USS Demeter (the fleet's airponic's ship) he noted:
I think the head of the design department for this project was an Andorian, at least the ship is going into a more "Andorian" direction. 
And also released this first look at the design:

The USS Achilles (the fleet's technical support vessel) will similar in shape to the Demeter, but have a utilitarian look.

Final he also revealed this look at the direction he is taking the Voyager refit (though was careful to note this is not the final design):

Commenting on Voyager he also noted the aerowing will be removed to make space for new slipstream sensors.

You can follow Mark's work on this and other projects on his blog.


Billiam71 said...

Like the direction of the Voyager Refit...shouldnt the exterior hull almost be similar to the Uss Aventine? Also wondering what is the USS Achilles going to look like. I read the it has a triangular head with rectangular body and very large warp nacelles with multiple cargo bays to take enormous engineering projects...I'm just wondering if the Achilles will be building a Starbase in the Delta Quadrant?

8of5 said...

Have a look at a more recent iteration of the Voyager refit: She's moving towards that Aventine sleekness. I think the Achilles is almost like a small mobile starbase itself, providing support for the Full Circle fleet that they might otherwise normally need spacedock facilities for.

Billiam71 said...

Alright you won me over. I'm digging the style. This story arc is exactly what I was looking for back when Voyager was on t.v. She was always getting pummeled and picked on by everyone in the Delta Quadrant. I was hopping for some Defiant style ablative armor just like from the final episode. But what you're doing is great. I love the Merian class and cant wait to see what the Galen looks like. Also will you be doing the fighters that are secreted away in Achilles cargo bay?

8of5 said...

I must emphasis I have not designed any of these! The entire Full Circle fleet is being created by designer Mark Rademaker; I just report on his exciting work on a regular basis. I don't think he has mentioned the fighters yet, but as he's doing the rest of the fleet it would seem a glaring omission.

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