Monday 18 April 2011

IDW update

IDW has released its July solicitations, and one more time they feature exactly no new Trek titles, or even reprints! The June solicitations however it seems were incomplete, as have announced two new reprints from IDW.

One will be a general release of the plush Khan cover of Khan: Ruling in Hell issue one, originally released as a convention exclusive.

The other will be the Star Trek Movie Omnibus, which was originally solicited back in 2009! They've changed the cover art, to a different issue of the Wrath of Khan adaptation; although claims the Sharp brothers will be providing a cover (rather than the Chee Yang Ong cover currently being displayed). The contents will still consist of the comic book adaptations of all six prime-TOS movies, newly "re-colored and re-mastered"!


Anonymous said...

hey 8of5, chris ryall posted over on that new trek is coming, starting in september.

8of5 said...

He did indeed, new post covering that :)

And a bout time too!

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