Saturday 9 October 2010

Infestation details!

IDW have announced the details of the Infestation crossover event running early next year. Starting weekly from the late January until the beginning of April the series will consist of a two-part framing story and then a series of two-issue blocks for each of the licensed properties involved.

-Infestation #1, January 19.
-Transformers: Infestation #1 & #2, February 2 & 16.
-Star Trek: Infestation #1 & #2, February 9 & 23
-G.I. Joe: Infestation #1 & #2, March 2 & 16
-Ghostbusters: Infestation #1 & #2, March 9 & 23.
-Infestation #2, April 6.

The Infestation itself will be zombies, the sort seen in IDW's Zombie vs Robots series, IDW's Covert Vampire Operations series will also play a role. As reported by CBR IDW's editors describe the series as follows: "...we start in the IDW universe with a zombie outbreak of epic proportions. The threat is contained (or is it?), but not before it infests other realities - the realities of our licensed books. The individual series will show just how our intrepid heroes - folks like Optimus Prime, Dr. Peter Venkman, Mr. Spock, Baroness, and so many others - face down this new and obviously shocking threat, and their desperate efforts to stop it before it can completely consume - both literally and figuratively - their realities."

The crossover element will be from the IDW universe into each licensed universe, but not between those other universes. Although "there is a surprise licensed-based crossover into the IDW universe in 'Infestation' #2".

According to the CBR article the Star Trek element will be set in the TOS movie era (though both covers showcased - see below - show distinctly TV era styling).

The framing story will be written by Dan Abnett (of Early Voyages distinction) and Andy Lanning with art by David Messina. The Star Trek issues will be by Scott and David Tipton with art by Casey Maloney (TNG: The Space Between).

The series will be available in the usual array of covers, issues will also come with incentive embroidered patches featuring the logo from each participating series, and there will be 16-page sketchbook featuring zombified versions of characters from each of the involved series.

Here are the Trek related covers so far released:

You can see more of the other series covers and details on those issues on IDW's press release and the CBR article.

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