Monday 25 August 2008

Ward on mirrors and sins

Unreality SF have posted an interview with Dayton Ward in which he talks about, amongst other things, forthcoming Star Trek projects.

On his and Kevin Dilmore's contribution to the Mirror Universe short story anthology Shards and Shadows, a short story titled Ill Winds: "It stars the mirror universe versions of Robert and Sarah April, but otherwise there really aren't any other recognisable faces from Trek lore in the story.” and “Let's just say that Robert April has the reputation for being the one to be feared, but in reality he leaves a lot of the more distasteful duties to his wife. Make of that what you will…

Ward's website offers a short blurb too: "A short story featuring the mirror universe counterparts of Robert and Sarah April, on a mission to stop the development of a devastating new Klingon weapon. Our initial inspiration for the MU version of April was Harvey Keitel's character from Pulp Fiction. Hilarity ensues, of course."

On the Ward and Dilmore's story in Seven Deadly Sins: "Marco asked us to pitch a story about the Romulans and ‘Pride’ for the [book]." "We can't really divulge too much at this point, but I'll tease a bit by saying that the pitch we submitted (something like a year ago or so) features at least one character seen in Summon the Thunder, as well as sets the stage for one of the more interesting yet little-explored aspects of the original Star Trek series. Yes, I know that's vague, but considering how few original series episodes feature the Romulans, it won't be hard for fans to figure out..."

The interview also discussed the development of the Vanguard series and other work by Ward (the focus is actually on a new 4400 tie-in novel).

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