Thursday 6 September 2007

Blood Will Tell #5 & Year Four #2 review

This week saw two new comics from IDW, the final part of the excellent Blood Will Tell series and part two of Year Four. I'm very pleased to say I loved both of them!

The final issue of Blood Will Tell was a fabulous end to a wonderful series. A most satisfying conclusion to the story of Kahnrah and K'ahlynn, superbly woven into the story of The Undiscovered Country. And a really cool levitating train to boot! Bring on more Tiptons I say!

Mr Tischman is really starting to shine in Year Four, it still suffers from the "Star Trek: Lite" problem, but the story all made sense, didn't jump all over the place and made a most excellent parallel to the current US/Iraq/oil/insurgency situations. As the last issue sort of dealt with genetic engineering and there's one coming up about reality TV I'm getting the feeling IDW are really going for the TOS take on current issues thing - Which I think is a wonderful idea, this issue really shone for doing that.

And an interesting note in the advert for the next issue; Trek comics veteran Gordon Purcell will be doing the art for that issue, cool!

Just one complaint really: No titles again! dear dear dear.

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