Wednesday 8 September 2021

Mego's first DS9 action figures, available for one week only!

Mego recently began a new partnership with Topps where they offer new action figures every week for a limited one-week pre-order window. They already offered a couple of TOS characters as part of this, two weeks ago, and now on just their fourth week doing this, they're offering two more Star Trek characters already, notably marking Mego's first ever releases based on Deep Space Nine.

Available to order now are Captain Sisko and Quark. So long as enough orders come in, they will go into production shortly after the pre-order window closes at the end of the week, with delivery expected a few months later. Note the images below are of prototypes, so may not reflect the final product exactly.

Sisko comes in his earlier season uniform, and equipped with a Starfleet phaser:

Quark meanwhile doesn't have any accessories, but does have a rather splendid costume!

The Toys That Made Us social media shared a few photos of the figures in little dioramas:

If you'd like to order either of these, head over to Topps' website in the next few days.

This is an interesting move by Mego; their first two Star Trek figures in the Topps partnership were variants of characters otherwise already available - Kor the Klingon when they have a regular release Kang(ad), and a The Motion Picture era Spock, among many other variants of that character(ad) already available - But here we have the first (and so at the moment only) way to get these characters. Might we get other costume variants of Sisko and Quark as regular releases later? Or is this the only way for DS9 fans to get a Mego fix?

That Star Trek has so far occupied half of the four weeks of releases from the Mego Topps partnership is also interesting, if that pace keeps up we could be seeing a huge number of Star Trek characters coming!

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