Thursday 7 October 2021

New Spocks from Super7's ReAction Figures and Funko's Pop! vinyls

Two distinctive new Spock action figures/figurines are on the way from Super7's ReAction Figures range, and and Funko's Pop! vinyl line. Continue below to check them out.

First up from the ReAction Figures (which are retro styled-action figures at 3¾ inch scale) we have a Target exclusive Spock(ad), with one hand posed in the Live Long and Prosper salute. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this figure is the very distinctive packaging, which is itself a die cut Live Long and Proper hand!

The ReAction Figures range only just recently revisited Star Trek with a new TNG assortment released earlier this year. So this is the first TOS character released by Super7, and who knows, maybe suggests more to come. Funko previously distributed the ReAction line, and released a TOS assortment several years ago, which included a different version of Spock(ad). I think this new version looks much sharper.

The new LLAP Spock ReAction figure is available to pre-order from Target, and is expected in ship May 2022.

Meanwhile from Funko we have an extra character to add to the TOS Pop! vinyl figure assortment released this year: Spock in the captain's chair(ad). That makes this the third Pop! Spock of the year, following the Spock and Isis figure(ad), and mirror-Spock(ad). Before that in previous waves there's also been a regular TOS Spock(ad), another mirror Spock(ad), and Kelvin timeline(ad) too!

Aside from being in the chair, the notable feature of this new Spock is that he's being released as part of Funko's Pops! with Purpose range, which means each sale of this Spock results in a charitable donation, in this case to an organisation called Rivet, which works to empower young people to drive social change.

The Pop! with Purpose Spock in captain's chair is also currently available for pre-order, from Target(ad)Entertainment Earth(ad), and Amazon(ad), among others, and should start to arrive from November.

To check out the previous Trek toy updates, check back through my toys or action figures tags, or for listings of the latest Star Trek toy releases, hit the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab on my 2021 schedule page. You can also check out the new TNG ReAction figures in my previous report on the range, and the older TOS assortment on a Trek Collective list, and likewise you can find a list of all the previous Star Trek Pop! vinyl figures.

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