Friday 23 March 2018

Closer look at QMx's Discovery cadet and black insignia badges

QMx have added new listings to their website for their forthcoming Discovery black and cadet insignia badges, with the option to sign up to be notified when both are available to order. With new listings come new images, so continue below for a closer look at both.

Both badges are based on the original costume pieces, and made from zinc alloy. Like all QMx's recent Star Trek insignia badges, they are held on with a non-damaging magnetic clasp. Here's the still mysterious black badge:

And here's Tilly's cadet badge. The four bars apparently indicate Tilly is a fourth year cadet, and the central emblem places her in the operations division.

These badges join the existing range of Discovery insignia badges from QMx, which also includes standard department badges for command, science, operations, medical personnel. And of course these are just the latest in a wider range of Star Trek insignia badges QMx produce, representing many eras from the franchise. We know there are more badges planned, with a Klingon insignia also due for release soon - See my Trek Collective List to check out all the ther badges available.

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