Saturday 6 January 2018

First twelve Eaglemoss Discovery ships revealed

Hot on the heels of new images of the first two models in Eaglemoss' Discovery Starships Collection, have new released images of the first twelve ships due to feature in the model and magazine series, which should take us all the way through this year.

There's an almost even split of Starfleet and Klingon designs on the way, with the first three releases all being Starfleet, so they take slightly more slots. There's no running order yet for the rest of the series, but I would anticipate them doing what the original Starships Collection normally does, which is alternating between Starfleet and alien designs.

These new images also give us the best look yet at many of the new Discovery designs, especially the impressively diverse range of Klingon ships. Continue below to check them out:

It has previously been suggested this will be the third ship in the collection.

This will be the first ship released, expected this month.

And the Discovery herself is issue two.

It has been previously reported this will be the first Klingon ship released, as the fourth issue in the series.

The Discovery series is due to start this month with the release of the USS Shenzhou, and will then be a monthly release. The series is being released at a larger scale than the previous Starships Collection, 8-10 inches long, which is more akin to the "special" size issues from the previous series.

For a listing of all the ships in the series, including links to all my previous coverage, see my Discovery ships list. And see also my index page for the original Starships Collection, featuring ships from the rest of the Star Trek universe.

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