Tuesday 10 October 2017

Comics bits: Discovery, Waypoint, and Mirror Broken updates

A few Star Trek comics updates today. First up, artist Tony Shasteen has posted a little tease of his upcoming work on the first Discovery comic, giving us our first look at the interior art from the book:

Due out in November is the omnibus edition of the anthology series Waypoint. The series includes stories from all the previous prime-timeline series, including all sorts of quirky angles and off-shoots, such as Phase II, Gold Key, Enterprise-F, and a comic drawn by Naomi Wildman! Amazon's listing for the book reveals a snazzy new cover encapsulating all the main series included:

Finally, there was brief mention of Star Trek titles at IDW's Heros of 2018 panel at the New York Comic Con. There was no big news, but it does sound like there was a hint that the current TNG mirror universe series, Mirror Broken, might be setting some sort of continuation, as reported by Newsarama: "...there will be new news about Mirror Broken soon, but no big details today."

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