Tuesday 29 June 2021

Eaglemoss starships: STO Tholians, latest Picard ship, prints, and Borg Cube advent calendar updates

Eaglemoss: Hero Collector's shipyards are busy as ever, with newly announced ship models and new preview images aplenty, plus a new line of prints they're working on, and additional previews of their Borg Cube advent calendar. Continue below for all the latest:

First up, the latest issue previewed from Star Trek Online: The Official Starships Collection(ad) is a very atypical one, the Tholian Recluse class carrier(ad). There are very few Tholian ships in canon, so alongside the 22nd century ship(ad) from Enterprise, and the 23rd century ship(ad) from TOS (remastered version, as Eaglemoss have yet to be tempted to do a classic-look release), this is just the third Tholian ship Eaglemoss have made. And a cool design I think it is too, taking the Tholian aesthetic into an interesting variation. This will be issue eighteen in the series, set for release in September. Check out the preview images of the model:

Eaglemoss have also released a bunch of new images of issue seventeen, the Edison class(ad), the latest in the 25th century reinterpretations of Discovery ships (in this case the Hoover class) which form a sub-series in the STO collection. This ship is due in August.

Another freshly previewed ship, set for September release, is the Wallenberg class tug(ad) from Picard, issue seven in Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection(ad). The model previews reveal a dazzlingly orange paint-job!

Also from the Universe collection, subscribers have recently been notified of the first special issue in the collection, but this isn't another model this time, but instead an art print. The USS Discovery NCC-1031-A is featured in the attractive image created by Discovery concept artist Ryan Dening. The print is 30 x 40 cm on 310gsm Hahnemuhle German Etching. For the UK market it is a limited edition of 850 prints (which I assume means there will be a separate limited supply for each other market it is offered in). This has been offered to subscribers, and at the moment it's not clear if it will also turn up on the webshop for individual sale.

Similarly subscribers to the Build the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D model kit part work(ad) have started to receive a print of the Enterprise-D, by artist William Budge, as a special issue in that series. This is a limited editions of 1500, and the artwork is 19 × 26 cm centered in a 30 × 40 cm matte. Again it's not clear if this might be offered individually later too or not. Memory Alpha archivist Darth Duranium shared this scan of the art:

Further specials in the Enterprise-D collection will include models of the ship's shuttlecraft, and Eaglemoss' Ben Robinson recently revealed via Twitter that these models will be the same size as the regular Eaglemoss die-cast ships, coming in at 12-14 cm long. An exciting prospect for ship collectors to possibly upgrade from the tiny shuttlecraft models(ad) Eaglemoss have so far released. Hopefully these will be released individually as well, but again this is currently uncertain.

If you've not yet subscribed to the Build the Enterprise-D series and want an idea of how it works, the World of Wayne Youtube channel has been my go to place to see how the build is going, and he has uploaded several build videos since my last Eaglemoss update:

Finally, Eaglemoss: Hero Collector have also released several additional preview images of their forthcoming Borg Cube advent calendar(ad), which include previews of more items you will find within. The newly revealed bits include a little metal Starfleet delta bottle opener (I think!), and a little metal USS Enterprise bookmark.

To get hold of the latest ships, look for individual releases via the Eaglemoss' web-shop in the US(ad) and the UK. For discounted pre-orders, check Things For Another World(ad) too, who normally offer a 20% pre-order discount.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the Star Trek Universe collection in the US(ad)UK(ad)Germany(ad), and other parts of Europe(ad). And the same for the Build the USS Enterprise-D Collection in the US(ad)UK(ad), and Europe(ad)

For more Eaglemoss updates, check back through my Eaglemoss tag, or for starships coverage in general see my ships or model ships tags.

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