Friday 15 January 2021

EXO-6 launch new Star Trek action figure range with First Contact Data

New company EXO-6 has been created with the express intent of making high quality Star Trek action figures and statues! And they're kicking things off with a First Contact Data

The 1:6 scale format (30cm tall) and styling might seem familiar, as it's the same highly accurate look of OMx's 1:6 scale range which has been gently released over the last few years. That's no accident, as this new company was formed by the creator of those figures, Schubert Tam. The new license covers the entire Star Trek universe, and world wide releases. Hopefully as a separate entity EXO-6 will be able to offer a broader range than QMx achieved.

The Data figure is a fun start to the new range, offering Data in two forms, either his regular Starfleet look, or with the skin and hair grafts given to him by the Borg Queen (via an interchangeable head). Continue below to check him out:

The action figure features 30 points of articulate, hand-painted heads, multiple hands, and highly detailed miniature reproduction of the Starfleet uniform including attached combadge and rank pips). As you can see he comes complete with phaser pistol and rifle, as well as a tricorder. The phaser holster and the tricorder can be attached via magnets built into the uniform too. 

The display base is meant to represent part of the transporter pad, and interestingly comes with inserts to make it either one of the outer pads, or the central section. Which implies to me that once a few more of these have been released, you'll be able to display them together on a built out transporter room.

UPDATE: EXO-6 has posted a little video showing the figure from many angles:

Here are some in-action shots of Data:

Data is currently listed on EXO-6's website as being able to be added to a wish-list, ahead of pre-orders opening. 

The website also gives a hint of things to come, with one image appearing to show a Captain Kirk figure in production.

EXO-6's Pinterest page also seems to tease some future figures. Kirk is reconfirmed in this odd hybrid image which as a TOS Kirk head on a Star Trek Beyond uniform - Hopefully both are to come as separate releases!

And there's also Captain Sisko:

Beyond Kirk was previously previewed (in two different uniforms no less!), but never released by QMx. TOS Kirk(ad) along with much of the TOS crew(ad) has made it to market already. A Wrath of Khan Kirk, Spock, and Khan were also previewed but not released. This is the first look at any DS9 character in the format though.

It will be interesting to see if EXO-6 offer any of those previous or planned QMx figures again, or opt to go down new routes - The Kirk of two realities image above doesn't help clarify a direction for now! The first of the QMx figures ever previewed was a First Contact Picard, but they ultimately released a TV-era version of the character(ad) (the only TNG character they ever released). Surely the First Contact version will now belatedly be on the way to join Data? Hopefully with an amazingly detailed Borg Queen!

To check out the previous QMx range, have a look down my Trek Collective list for the series. And for more coverage of all Star Trek action figures, see previous articles via my action figures tag.

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