Sunday 29 March 2020

Blue Skies single previews further Picard soundtrack release

Lakeshore Records have announced a second Picard soundtrack album coming along in a few days time, and before that have released separately the beautiful version of Blue Skies from the show, sung by none other than Isa Briones, aka Soji/D'jahl/Sutra. The music was of course orchestrated by Picard and Discovery composer Jeff Russo, in this instance building upon the original creation of the great Irving Berlin. The track is available for download, or streaming, such as on Spotify below:

Here's a closer look at the cover art:

CBS and Lakeshore have quite rightly put some effort into celebrating this piece of music. Here for example is a whole featurette exploring the making of the Picard version of the song (also on if you're geolocked out of YouTube below).

And Jeff Russo tweeted this photo from the recording:

The track will also be included on the second album of music from the show, due out next week. Lakeshore are describing this as the "complete version of the Star Trek: Picard — Original Series Soundtrack", and it will include "27 additional tracks taken from the entire season" - Which kind of sounds like this will include the already available chapter one album tracks (which itself was 28 tracks long), rather than being a chapter two album. The cover (released by TrekCore) are gives that impression too:

This is due out digitally on the 3rd of April. Sadly there's no suggestion of a CD release being offered. If it follows the pattern of the Discovery season two album, we probably can expect a very pretty vinyl release later though.

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