Saturday 20 July 2019

Lower Decks characters revealed

CBS have given us our first look at the characters from the forthcoming new animated comedy Star Trek series, Lower Decks. The first season has been confirmed as being ten episodes long, and starting in 2020. Continue below to check them all out:

Revealed at the San Diego Comic Con today, and as previously hinted, the series will focus on a group of lower rank crew members working in the background on a "not important starship". The main characters will be a group of four ensigns aboard the California class USS Cerritos (a new and as yet unseen design), a Starfleet support ship:

Ensign Tendi, voiced by Noël Wells described at the Comic Con panel today as "A huge Starfleet fan who is excited to be on a ship". Orion I guess?

Ensign Beckett Mariner, voiced by Tawny Newsome, described as "a no nonsense ensign who gets the job done".

Ensign Rutherford, voiced by Eugene Cordero, who is "amazing at engineering stuff, but doesn't usually solve the problem by the end of the episode". At the San Diego Comic Con panel he was described as an early adopter, having just installed his cybernetic implants.

Ensign Brad Boimler, voiced by Jack Quaid. "By the book ensign who constantly gets in his own way. He'd nail the written portion of the driving test, but once he got in the car it'd be a disaster".

The ensigns will work under a bridge crew including Captain Carol Freeman, voiced by Dawnn Lewis, Commander Jack Ransom, voiced by Jerry O’Connell, Lieutenant Shaxs (a Bajoran), voiced by Fred Tatasciore ,and Doctor T’Ana (a Caitian), voiced by Gillian Vigman:

Also revealed at Comic Con panel today, was that the series is set in 2380, after Nemesis and the return of Voyager. Here's the series title card:

And one more glimpse from inside the ship, at a very familiar holodeck design:

Attendees at Comic Con have also been able to get hold of this pair of pins, of Ensign Tendi, and Doctor T'ana.

UPDATE: Films That Rock have uploaded the entire San Diego Comic Con panel on YouTube. Check it out. Highlight for me was mention that the series will feature many aliens from TAS that have been otherwise unused in Trek to date!:

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