Wednesday 25 July 2018

Trek Toys updates: Mega Construx, Titans, DST, McFarlane, Mego, and more!

Got lots of Star Trek toys updates today, mostly action figures of one sort or another from a very diverse mix of companies, styles, and series!

First up Mega Construx have added an extra Star Trek item to their slowly growing collection of construction toy compatible mini action figures. Available now as part of series three of their Heroes range is TNG's Data, who comes equipped with a phaser and tricorder.

The Heroes range brings together an assortment of Mega Construx's licenses in each wave, so this third series sees Data released alongside characters from Terminator, AliensMasters of the Universe, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Previous waves have included some TNG characters to keep Data company; Picard and Borg, and TOS characters too, Kirk and Spock. A couple more waves have been announced already, but alas there's no sign of any more Star Trek characters yet. Mega Construx did release a more extensive series of Star Trek construction sets in 2016, but have only been putting out these occasional smaller releases since.

Mega Construx had a bit of fun with this last picture, posted on Facebook:

Meanwhile, the San Diego Comic Con played host to a new Star Trek itty bittys plush from Hallmark, a TOS Gorn. He's a limited edition of 2500, but if you missed getting him in San Diego, he should be showing up at other conventions too.

Also coming via Comic Con is a haul of goodies that Discovery writer/producer Ted Sullivan accumulated, including the first Discovery Titans figure and ship from Titan Merchandise. Sullivan credited CBS's John Van Citters for getting hold of these, and I can't find any mention of them anywhere else, so they might be a bit of an advance preview - If you know anything about a wider release let me know!

Announced at Comic Con were Diamond Select Toys' first Kelvin timeline action figures, and they have already put a listing up on their website for these. Notably it's a single listing for both Kirk and Spock, so they might be coming as a two-pack (or this could just be a bundle). They're expected to arrive some time this winter, and the listing includes a new picture of them, and a little blurb:

Since J.J. Abrams debuted his new Star Trek universe (the “Kelvin Timeline”) in 2009, fans have asked for a screen-accurate, 7” scale, fully articulated line of toys. Now, DST has brought the new timeline to the world of Select action figures! These screen-accurate figures of Kirk and Spock capture the costumes and faces of the new movies, and each features approximately 16 points of articulation, as well as multiple accessories and connecting transporter pads. Packaged in display-ready Select action figure packaging with side-panel artwork for shelf reference.
New images of McFarlane Toys' first Star Trek releases, Kirk and Picard action figures, have also been released. These were aiming for a June release previously, but that seems to have not happened... September appears to be what retailers are now expecting. You can see lots more images of these in my previous preview of them.

Finally, the new Mego figures are already turning up in Target stores. This image from the Mego Mania Facebook group highlights the cool triangular packaging of the two-packs nicely!

Another member of the Mego Mania group posted some comparison pictures of the new Mego figures and the DST versions released a few years ago. As you can see with Sulu, the new version seems to be the same sculpt, but the uniforms have been tweaked slightly. You can see comparisons of the other figures on the original post.

To keep track of all the latest Star Trek toy releases, hit the "Models, Toys, and Games" button on my 2018 schedule page. And for listings of various Star Trek toy ranges, see my Trek Collective Lists site.

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  1. Hope Mega Bloks keeps making Star Trek building sets and least until Lego can get the rights.

    I wonder if those Titans figurines are why we haven't seen any new Funko Pop Vinyls from Star Trek since Beyond?