Tuesday 6 March 2018

The Enterprise-D is now a bluetooth speaker

ThinkGeek and Forbidden Planet have revealed Fametek's latest Star Trek gadget, a USS Enterprise-D bluetooth speaker. As well as being a fully functional wireless speaker, it's a decent model of the ship (twelve inches long), and comes with light and sound features.

Sound options include a soothing warp engine thrum simulator! That will play for an hour, before turning itself off. Other sounds include torpedos, going to warp, and "incoming transmission". The lights in the nacelles, impulse engines, and deflector, and be turned off if desired. The battery lasts for 6-8 hours typically, and is recharged by plugging a USB into the middle of the deflector dish! Continue below for a close look.

ThinkGeek have posted this slightly surreal promotional video:

While Forbidden Planet have gone to town photographing the model from every angle!

The Enterprise-D bluetooth speaker is available now from ThinkGeek and Forbidden Planet.

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  1. "While Forbidden Planet have gone to town photographing the model from every angle!"

    Except from the bottom, of course, as that would show how bad this looks.

    Thankfully, the video shows a quick glimpse of quite how bad that is:


    What's so dumbfounding, is that the windows and other depressions could have been used within the design to facilitate the needed speaker holes. Here, they didn't seem to even give that a thought. What a sloppy job.

    And the neck? Did they really only think people would view this from above alone, and they thought the could throw out the mesh for that area?

    It's almost like the two-dimensional beings in "The Loss" were behind this one. Well, they can keep this in their cosmic string until someone gets it right. Pass.