Thursday 22 February 2018

First look at XL Enterprise-A, Kelvin Klingons, and much more from the Eaglemoss Starships Collection

Got lots of Eaglemoss Starships Collection updates today, including first looks at several new ships, new images and video of a few more, and other news from the series. Continue below to check it all out.

First up, Eaglemoss have just released their latest round of solicitations, which include the XL edition of the USS Enterprise-A, the sixth in the XL series, giving us our first look at a rather satisfying model. I'm looking forward to having the big version of this elegant classic:

Also revealed for the first time is the thirteenth special issue, the Kelvin timeline Klingon battlecruiser. This design has only previously been available as a much smaller Wizkids gaming miniature, or a very distorted Burger King promotional toy, so it will be great to have a bigger version of this reimagining of a classic:

Two new regular issues were also solicited. Issue 123 is the Romulan Science Vessel. The image released appears to be a mock-up, smushing together the photo of the identical central body shared with the previously released Romulan Scout Ship, and the unique elements of the science vessel added on from a rendering. This ship has also only been available as a gaming miniature before, so the bigger model should be a big step up from that.

Issue 124 is a bit of a curiosity, the SS Emmette, from the opening titled of Enterprise. This very obscure design has never been available before.

There are also solicitation covers for both of the regular issues' magazines.

From the more immediate future, the Hero Collector blog has posted previews of the next couple of issues due for release, the SS Xhosa and USS Yeager, issues 121 and 122. Here are the covers, and new images of both models:

In a more curious preview article, have used a collection of renderings rather than shots of the models themselves, to interest readers in Eaglemoss' latest concept art bonus issues, the Phase II USS Enterprise, and concept art USS Enterprise-C.

While both of these ships are already available via Eaglemoss, the Enterprise-C has yet to see wider release. But it too was part of the latest batch of solicitations, so should be available at other retailers soon as well. The solicitation included this new image of the model.

Eaglemoss have also released a batch of new turnaround videos of models. The recently released attack mode Klingon Bird of Prey, issue 107, plus their three mirror universe variant issues, the ISS Enterprise NX-01, ISS Enterprise NCC-1701, and ISS Defiant.

Finally, we also have some little updates on the Discovery collection. On Twitter, series manager Ben Robinson has confirmed the new look USS Enterprise will be coming to the collection. In another tweet he mentioned information on subscription extra items will be coming soon.

Meanwhile have updated their database with a new rendering of the ISS Charon, giving us a nice clear look at a ship expected to be an oversized special when Eaglemoss get to it.

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page for the main series, and list for the Discovery series.


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  1. XL enterprise A really looks amazing, i hope it's a definitive picture of the model

  2. That Yeager...I wonder how well it will sell. Can't be that large a run. ;)

    The Charon looks a lot like a DSC version of the Planet Killer. I wonder if there's some reason for that beyond just inspiration from TOS.