Monday 15 January 2018

Voyager: Architects of Infinity cover, and other new Trek-novel covers

With a thin release schedule of Star Trek novels this year (due to a still pending license renewal), there aren't so many book cover reveals lately. So this should be exciting day! Simon and Schuster have now released the cover for the next book in Kirsten Beyer's Voyager relaunch series, Architects of Infinity. The cover features Voyager and a Vesta class ship (presumably the USS Vesta) both firing off phasers and torpedoes!

Here's the blurb, on the back cover:

We've been waiting for this one quite a while, as Beyer ended up being a little busy with her new job writing on Discovery, but the book is now due out in April. For now it is the final mass market paperback coming from Pocket Books; they do have one further Star Trek title coming after this release, the third Discovery novel, Fear Itself, by James Swallow, but that's a trade paperback. Hopefully we'll have some novels announced soon whenever they finally finish sorting out the new license.

Speaking of Discovery novels, the second one, Dayton Ward's Drastic Measures, is still to come too, that's due out at the start of next month. It is one of the Star Trek books Simon and Schuster Audio have picked for audiobook treatment as well, coming the same time - The book will be read by Robert Petroff, and here's the wider-format audiobook version of the cover:

Finally, another new cover comes from Titan Books, who are publishing the English translations of Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg's Prometheus trilogy (the first ever Star Trek book series written in German). The second book, The Root of All Rage is due out in May, and the English language edition has just a slightly tweaked version of the original design, with different text arrangement.

To keep track of all the latest releases, hit the prose or books buttons on my 2018 schedule page. You can also find series reading lists and author bibliographies on my dedicated Star Trek lists site.

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