Sunday 14 January 2018

Her Universe Star Trek active wear and more

Her Universe have released several new Star Trek garments, including a new range of active wear via plus size specialists Torrid. Continue below to check them out.

First up we've got a Star Trek sports bra (possibly a first?), which inspired by the TNG uniform, features a printed on combadge, and dislocated rank pips on the back.

Paired with this there's Starfleet delta printed cropped leggings, which also have a combadge on the hip.

And for when you want a bit more coverage, a TNG uniform inspired hoodie, with "Boldly Go" written down the arms.

I think this range was released last month (but do find it rather difficult to figure out with Torrid). Here's the full ensemble:

Meanwhile, for when you're feeling entirely inactive, there's a pair of Starfleet delta pajama bottoms. Torrid often show these paired with a TNG-style sleep top (which I have previously reported on), although I find the inter-era combination of deltas a bit jarring; maybe just sleep topless/bottomless to avoid time travel mishaps! These were also released last year I think.

Other Torrid releases I've yet to post about include a very retro looking TOS USS Enterprise tank top:

And a not quite so keycatching pile of TOS heads on a T-shirt. Both of these tops were released last summer I think.

Some of the TOS crew also appear on a much funkier design in Her Universe's general range, on a T shirt captioned "The Originals", which was released back last March!

The retro and red theme carried through into slightly more recent releases too, including this ships tank top released in July:

And this USS Enterprise T shirt also released in July, and available in a plus size cut too.

Finally, there's this surprising Vulcan inspired raglan top, which looks fairly plain from the front, but has an unexpected plaid panel on the back, with "live long and prosper" printed across it. This was another of the March releases last year.

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