Friday 19 January 2018

Fanset's latest Discovery Episode Pins, and DS9 and Voyager character designs

FanSets have got up to speed with their Discovery Episode Pins, with the reveal of three new pins based on the most recent episodes. But that's not all, they've also released and previewed several new DS9 and Voyager pins. Continue below to check them all out:

The latest batch of Episode Pins, previewed by, start with Into the Forest I Go, which wasn't included in the first chapter block of releases due to the mid-season break being shifted an episode later. This busy design features Kol and Burnham, with the Discovery and the Sarcophagus ship doing battle behind them, and Captain Georgiou's insignia badge and a mak'leth in front of them!

Despite Yourself's pin reverts to the single character format more often used in the series, this time featuring the magnificent Captain Killy

The Wolf Inside surprisingly doesn't reflect on surely the biggest plot point of the episode, the Tyler/Voq reveal, but instead gives us mirror-Sarek in all his goatee glory, as well as the insignia badge he wears.

All these Episode Pins plus designs for the final episodes of the season, will ship once the second half of the season has finished. Designs from the first part of the season are already available.

Meanwhile the latest releases in the MicroCrew range of character pins reflect a very different reality, with Captain Janeway's portrayal of Queen Arachnia of the Captain Proton series, presented of course in monochrome, delivering one of the most delightful quirky character choices in the series so far. One hopes the other Proton characters, and his rocket-ship, will follow!

The Queen was released last month, alongside everyone's favourite plain and simple tailor, Mr Garak:

On Twitter Fansets have also previewed a forthcoming Voyager pin, a very colourful Mr Neelix, they also mentioned Weyoun is in the works.

UPDATE: Fansets have sent me a couple more forthcoming pins to preview, both designs are pending final approval. First we have the chair bound Fleet Captain Pike:

And the first MicroCrew from Star Trek Beyond, the wonderful Jaylah:

And they have also announced on Twitter that we should expect a DS9 25th anniversary logo pin some time soon.

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