Tuesday 23 January 2018

Discovery ships come to Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online introduced uniforms from Star Trek Discovery to the game as soon as the series began, but players have had to wait until now to enjoy the first new ships becoming playable. Available from today, the Discovery Lock Box introduces several key ships from the series, plus some new costumes and equipment. Continue below for the details.

The top prize for Federation players from this lock box is the Crossfield class (USS Discovery), which STO has designated a "science vanguard".

Here's their description for the class:
While the Crossfield class was originally created to be a vessel that specialized in scientific endeavors, these starships were heavily modified in an effort to aid the war efforts that erupted between the Federation and Klingons after the Battle of the Binary Stars in the mid-23rd Century. These refits proved to be highly effective, and thus a new breed of starships - the Science Vanguard - was born.

Irrespective of whatever events are still to come in Discovery that will take the spore drive out of service in the future, the ship still has the ability to use it in the game in the form of the "Mycelium Ambush" or "Lorca Maneuver", which lets you hop around open fire on unsuspecting nearby ships.

Available to purchase using Lobi Crystals is the Walker class (USS Shenzhou), a light exploration cruiser:
The Walker class represented one of the many workhorse mid-range vessels of 23rd Century Starfleet, suited to a wide variety of missions within Federation space. It is resilient enough that even when ambushed by an armada of Klingon vessels at the Battle of the Binary Stars, the U.S.S. Shenzhou was capable of resisting destruction despite overwhelming odds.

This ship comes with a playing dead ability called the "Obfuscation Screen", which lets you quickly repair your ship while not going anywhere.

Meanwhile the other big prize from the lock box, for Klingon players, is the Sarcophagus ship, a "Dreadnought Carrier".
It is believed that this massive vessel dates back to the original founding of the Klingon Empire, thousands of years ago. The heritage of this "Ship of the Dead" predates all of the modern Houses, and is a symbol of great honor in Klingon culture. Continuously refit over the years to remain capable of leading Klingon fleets into combat, this ship's primary strength lies in its severe resilience and unique cloaking and tractor beam technologies.
And if you need a reason for how this one-of-a-kind ship has managed to find its way into widespread production in the 25th century, the STO team have also released a short story to explain that away.

This ship's ability is "Multi-Target Tractor Arrays", which will fire of up to twelve tractor emitters to slow down and slightly damage ships within range.

The Sarcophagus ship also has two hanger bays ready for Mo’Kai Raiders, which can be used as fighters.

You can get full details of all the ships abilities in an article on the Star Trek Online website. While another article details all the other abilities and equipment on offer from the lock box and Lobi store. Some of the highlights include:

Discovery era Starfeet EV suits:

Discovery era phaser rifles:

Harry Mudd costumes:

And to go with that, a pet Stuart:

Aside from the launch of Discovery content, STO is celebrating its eighth year, and has an omega molecule mini-game available to mark the occasion.

Also part of the celebration is the latest feature episode, Scylla and Charybdis, which features Captain La Forge. Here's the blurb:
After the events at Dranuur, the Tzenkethi have become even more aggressive. Their new campaign of bombing planets from space has become top priority for the Alliance to stop. Each of the major Alliance factions have attempted to reach out to Tzenketh, with no progress. In response, a joint force is being organized to repel the Tzenkethi Fleet, to stop them once and for all.

In “Scylla and Charybdis”, you will hunt down the Tzenkethi fleet to end their crusade. Along with allies, old and new, you will strike at the heart of the fleet and decide the fate of the Alpha Quadrant. Join General Martok, Captains La Forge and Kuumaarke, against the genocidal foe.
Available to win via vouchers available in this feature episode and other eighth anniversary events is the new Denorios class Bajoran Interceptor too. You can find details of it's abilities in another post on the STO website.

Note, in addition to the articles linked, a few of the above images came via the Twitter of STO designer Thomas Marrone.

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