Thursday 9 November 2017

Danilo's 2018 Star Trek calendars, including glorious Gold Key calendar

UK Star Trek calendar publisher Danilo have got three calendars out this year, featurings TOS, ships, and Discovery. Continue below for previews of them all.

Danilo don't publish a TOS calendar every year, but have done some before, and previous releases, like their US counterparts, have generally been pretty familiar TOS photos and screencaps. But this year they've gone an entirely different and totally delightful route, with an entire calendar of Gold Key Comics cover art! I hope this does well, as there's great potential in it continuing as a series, using Gold Key again, or art from hundreds of other Star Trek comics over the years.

Another new style this year, owing to the newness of the series, is the Discovery calendar, which does of course just use familiar promotional stills from the series. Thankfully they have mostly picked out different images to those used in the US Discovery calendar, so you've got a choice of two fairly different calendars if you fancy Discovery for 2018.

And finally we have the Ships of the Line calendar, following the pattern of the last few years, this is a reformatted version of the previous year's US Ships of the Line, which in this case was entirely TOS focused for the 50th anniversary. The Danilo version adds a more functional calendar strip along the bottom of the page, rather than the calendar block over the images used in the US edition.

Danilo are one of three publishers putting out Star Trek calendars for 2018, with six designs available from Universe in the US, and two from Heye in Geramny. You can see all the available designs on my Trek Collective List of 2018 calendars.

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