Saturday 30 September 2017

Star Trek Mission Crate Locutus figurine revealed, plus other Star Trek Loot Crate goodies

Loot Crate have revealed one of the items coming to their forthcoming Star Trek: Mission Crate. The box of assorted Star Trek goodies, due out in November, will include a QMx Mini Masters Locutus of Borg figurine, which is six inches tall. Continue below for more images, details of the Mission Crate, and a look at other recent Star Trek Loot Crate exclusives:

The Star Trek: Mission Crate is planned as a six box collection, running bi-monthly from November. Like many a Loot Crate, each box will contain an assortment of collectables and apparel, but in this case, it's all Star Trek themed.

The first box is being released under the theme "Wolf 359", of course referencing the battle from The Best of Both Worlds; so I'm sure we can expect some other Borg goodies in the box.

You can choose to buy each Mission Crate separately, but there is also an option to subscribe to the whole series, and for those who do that, there's a bonus: The long awaited metal model of the refit USS Enterprise from QMx has finally found an outlet!

Star Trek is a fairly regular feature in other Loot Crates, sometimes this is off the shelf stuff you can pick up anywhere, but often they are exclusives only available in the Loot Crates. This month in fact saw a whole load of those, with the "Robotic" theme running across several crates delivering a variety of Star Trek things.

The highlight of these came in the regular Loot Crate, which included an exclusive Star Trek comic! There have been a number of cover variants offered in previous subscription boxes, but this is the first time a whole issue has been offered only in through this means of distribution. See my previous report for more information on this comic.

Meanwhile in the Loot Crate DX box, there was a set of "socks in a box", the box in question being a little Borg Cube (as photographed by My Subscription Addiction):

The socks, two pairs, are Borg and, I assume (from the circuitry and department colour) Data themed:

Meanwhile in LootPets there's another Borg Cube, this one a squeak too! (Photo credit again My Subscription Addiction)

Finally from the September batch, Loot Wear: Loot For Her includes another Data-themed item, a boyfriend cardigan styled after Dat's uniform with a cute Data and Spot image on the back (see My Subscription Addiction one more time for a closer look in their review)

Prior to these, the last wave of Star Trek exclusives came last July. The main Loot Crate then had a triple dose, with in-game credit for Star Trek Online, a Vulcan hand sign pin, and a squishy sticker version of the USS Enterprise-D's dedication plaque (Images via Hello Subscription):

The same month, Loot Crate DX included a Starfleet Academy towel (Image again from Hello Subscription):

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