Saturday 30 September 2017

Anovos Discovery uniforms

Anovos, makers of high end uniform replicas, have announced a new range of Star Trek Discovery uniforms, which are available to pre-order now, ahead of an expected summer 2018 release. As ever they have paid meticulous attention to detail, using original costumes from the production as reference to o re-create every element, including all the bespoke metallic rubberised details of the side panels and shoulder stripes. The costume will also come supplied with a QMx insignia badge.

The uniforms are currently offered in female and male versions, with options for all three department colours - The extra stripey captain's variant will be offered separately later. As yet there is no news on the medical white version.


  1. Yeah, Right!/? Expensive a HELL, and Up To a One Year Wait Time in delivery...

  2. Yup incredibly expensive...more than my monthly salary in full time job...

  3. I've been burned to many times by "Anovos" to ever buy from them ever again...