Thursday 16 March 2017

Lots of new Fansets pins on the way

Makers of Star Trek collectable pins FanSets have recently announced numerous new plans, celebrating the 30th anniversary of TNG, entertain the Kelvin timeline, and more. Continue below for the latest news and releases.

Available for pre-order now is their TNG 30th anniversary pin. This is a somewhat more complex deisng tan usual, made form three layers: The base is the combadge and title, the 30 then sits on top, and the Enterprise-D atop that. This is also the first pin to be offered as either a regular pin, or with a magnetic back.

And that is just the start for TNG, they will also be offering a 30th anniversary commemorative set, made from eight pins, and a limited edition of just 178 sets (the number of TNG episodes). The complete set will be offered first at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention.

Among the recent announcement of several new lines, is a very unusual range, tying into Mirror Broken, the new TNG mirror universe comic series from IDW. They will be making new MicroCrew and MicroFleet pins (their main range of character and ship pins) based on the series.

Also on the way are the first Kelvin timeline designs, again adding to the MicroCrew and MicroFleet ranges.

Meanwhile available now is a new range of series title/emblem pins, representing every TV series, including TAS, plus the United Federation of Planets. Fansets suggest using these as titles cards of a sort, for series based displays of MicroCrew and MicroFleet pins.

Of course the main ranges continue apace as ever. Here are the latest releases for the MicroCrew:

And there's a whole load of new designs on the way too, including a gold version of Captain Kirk, as an extra 50th anniversary release, and marking the 50th pin in the collection. Also among the forthcoming designs is Aleek-Om from TAS - Awesome!

Another MicroFleet pin was recently revealed too, the refit USS Enterprise, a particularly pleasing design:

Images above come variously from the Fansets Facebook page and Instagram, plus their website, where you can buy most of their wares. 

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