Monday 22 February 2016

Khan, USS Reliant, Minimates and more on the way from DST

At last week's New York Toy Fair Diamond Select Toys revealed several new Star Trek toys they have in the works, including a new action figure, a new ship, and the return of Star Trek Minimates. Continue below for all the details.

Khan was only recently announced as the subject of DST's fifth Star Trek Select figure, and now they have revealed him in all his glory. The Star Trek Select line typically features semi-sculptural figures in a diorama setting, and this time we're getting the movie-era Khan with the bridge chair from the Reliant. These figures often come with parts to allow multiple display options, and Khan will have several arms, as well as alternate legs to allow him to sit in the chair. The alternate legs weren't on display, but the arms were, and were switched around over the course of the show, so below you can see him with both crossed arms and a pointy finger!

This will actually be the second Star Trek Select Khan, as his younger self was released as part of the Captain Kirk release; battling the captain in the Enterprise's engineering section. Posting on Facebook DST have also confirmed the next character after Khan will likely be someone from TNG.

The other really big reveal is the next ship coming to the Starship Legends range of electronic ships. Perched at the back of their display were plans for the USS Reliant. Again posting on Facebook DST noted there is already a prototype around, they just didn't want to show it off yet, so hopefully this next new ship isn't as far away as one might fear. DST have stated many times they are aiming to get two new ships (not including reissues) out every year, although have struggled to achieve that ambition so far.

The other new announcement at Toy Fair is that Star Trek Minimates will be returning, with a seven-pack featuring all the main TOS characters, released in honour of the 50th anniversary. All the characters have been released in Minimates form before, as has the captain chair (as part of the USS Enterprise Minimates ship), but they've not been around for a good while now.

There were several other items on display which have been seen before, including...

The Romulan Bird of Prey, the first entirely new ship from the Starship Legends range since 2013! The somewhat battered prototype we've seen at other events before was on display - Make sure to check out the much more appealing official photos, which were released recently, and make it look like a very nice model indeed. This ship was just recently solicited, and is expected towards the end of the year.

Then there's the TNG phaser, which will be the first new prop in quite a while too. This one hasn't been solicited yet, but one hopes it will be soon!

And finally there were two Femme Fatales statues on display, Deanna Troi, who has just started shipping, and the Borg Queen, who is due out in the next couple of months.

Images above come variously from Toy Ark, Toy News International, and Awesome Toy Blog, and you can find lots more pictures of the Star Trek display, and everything else DST ahd to show off in New York, in their galleries.

For schedules of all forthcoming Star Trek toy releases, hit the "models, toys and games" button on my schedule page. And for listings of the various Star Trek toy ranges, and more, visit my Trek Collective Lists site.


  1. Nice to see Minimates returning, even if it is just repacks. I still would like to see a set for each crew, especially Voyager and Enterprise.

  2. A big light-up version of a Miranda-Class starship would be awesome. At the rate DST releases things, though, I fear it'll be a long wait! We'll see. It would be nice if it was ready in time for the holidays. Same with the TNG phaser ... though I sorta wish they'd gone with the First Contact/DS9/Voyager one, the one with more curve.

  3. You just know some people who were waiting for the AA/DST Reliant issue have literally died waiting for it given how long they put it off. A shame. It should have come before the NX Enterprise, Warbird, etc.

  4. A little late to the party but, where's the Reliant?