Saturday 26 December 2015

Starships Collection issues 71-76 revealed

Eaglemoss' Hero Collector site has posted details of six new ships for the magazine and model series, Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection. Continue below for details of what will be issues seventy-one to seventy-six, coming from April through to July next year in the UK, and following in other regions later.

#71: Goroth's Klingon Transport

The first of the new reveals is probably the most surprising (in so far as we've had hints that all the others were in the works), although it has been suggested we will get every Klingon design ever at some point, so it was only a matter of time before we got this briefly seen and unusual Klingon design from the Enterprise episode Bounty. This horseshoe crab-eqsue design is more saucer shaped than most Klingon ships; almost like the head section alone of the more familiar Klingon configurations. For being so odd it's one I've been looking forward to, and of course being rather obscure this will be the first ever model of the design.

#72: USS Enterprise-A

The final Enterprise from the main-line run of ships (leaving just the more obscure starships Enterprise such as the J and the ringship), this one has been a long time coming. After a slightly disappointing take on the refit Enterprise back at the start of the series, we should be looking forward to a new and hopefully much improved paint job on this second Constitution class refit in the run.

#73: Borg renegade's ship

This issue number for this ship had already been announced, so no surprise here. A new image of the new CGI model by Fabio Passaro was posted though. This won't be the first ever model of this ship, but it's quite a rarely produced one.
#74: Bajoran Raider

This Bajoran ship apparently comes from the original production CGI model, which was thought lost until Star Trek visual effects artist David Lombardi uncovered a cache models that were built by Digital Muse. I believe this will only be the second ever model of this ship, following the much smaller Micro Machines version.

#75: Enterprise-E Captain's yacht

Hero Collector posted this nice rendering of the new Fabio Passaro CGI model of the Cousteau, but series manager Ben Robinson has previously given us a look at the physical model too. This will be the first of the reconstructed models from Insurrection, after the hunt for the original production models proved fruitless. This is another design which has had a couple of models before, but is pretty rarely made.

#76: Baxial

Finally we have Neelix's ship, which was another one retrieved by David Lombardi. As far as I can tell this will be the first ever model of this ship.

A couple of other little bits of news: On Twitter, Ben Robinson mentioned the Enterprise-J has recently been "briefed" to the factory, so surely that will be coming a long pretty soon.

Also, the starship focused YouTube channel Trekyards recently did a feature on the USS Titan, with Titan designer Sean Tourangeau on as a guest to talk about it. One thing Sean mentioned, in the second part, is that Eaglemoss have made contact already to start work on modelling the Titan. Exciting!

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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  1. Good news on the Titan finally. That's one ship I really would like to get my hands on. I only have the NX-01 right now since I found out a hobby store close to me carries some of the Eaglemoss ships.

  2. If you want to buy more, Eaglemoss is having a sale on their website right now... but it ends soon.

  3. Nothing too exiting this time. The Baxial has to be the most uglyship in the collection so far.

  4. They are putting out so many shelf warmers. No Star Trek fan wants Neelix's ship, are you kidding me? Nobody wants that Klingon shuttle either. I'd rather have a photon torpedo casing. Or the Bozeman (or other Miranda variants) . Or spacedock. Or the the dreadnought version of the TOS Enterprise. These ships that were an afterthought to the people who created the episodes are terrible. Even fanfic designs would be great, USS Crusader anyone?

  5. Chris, please dont speak for all of us. I definitely want Neelix's ship and the Klingon Shuttle. In fact anything that appeared on screen is as important for me in this collection. Star Trek is not only Fed design and bird of prey, its about diversity and this collection is right on. And please no fan design non canon ships, they are awful.

  6. I totally agree with you Izo and agree with Eaglemoss' decision to keep it all canon!

  7. OK I should speak for myself, but there is already a non canon ship coming in the form of the Titan, just because fans wanted it.

  8. Actually Titan is part of the cannon as its an approved paramount/cbs design that has been used on book covers for the Titan series.
    Ill give you that its never been on TV before.
    And we had to get 5000 signatures just to get it its not like they made it easy.

  9. We also don't know what the price will be for the Titan. I have a feeling it will be in the $40 range and that's assuming they get enough pre-orders for it. Since they're going that route, and I doubt all 5000 will actually pre-order, we can't know for sure if this will be made.

  10. Oh come on, we have Neelix's ship and a Klingon transport that would come in a LOT lower on the customer want list than the Titan. The Titan will come and it ought to be at the same price and relative scale as the standard series. In fact, I'm only annoyed it won't have a regular series number. That's the only thing Ben ought to revise.