Friday 20 November 2015

Get in the mood, with a glowing Borg Cube

ThinkGeek have come up with a relatively subtle and functional Star Trek item for the home, the new Borg Cube paper lantern floor lamp. Being a simple cube, the untrained eye might not even detect it being a Star Trek product, but of course on closer inspection you will see it is printed with the details of a Borg Cube.

Here's a gif ThinkGeek have made to show it with the light on and off:

If cubes aren't your thing, then you could also turn to the dark side, as they've done the same sort of thing with the Death Star (but let's pretend it's the Xindi superweapon?).

Meanwhile, if cubes are your thing, check out my list of Borg Cube models; turning one into a light is just scratching the surface of the many things have been styled after the Borg Cube!


  1. $39.00? I can make my own for much less than that -- especially since I live near Michaels AND
    Hobby Lobby!

  2. Yeah, LMFAO at that price point. That's like $3 worth of materials, max. And maybe six minutes of "labor."