Monday 13 July 2015

Bif Bang Pow's latest bobble heads and more

Bif Bang Pow revealed several new Star Trek toys in displays at the San Diego Comic Con, including new characters in their ever expanding range of Star Trek bobble heads. Following on from the range of TNG characters that built a bridge, there will be two characters to populate Ten Forward, the unlikely pairing of Q and Guinan. A more common pairing comes from the latest renditions of Kirk and Spock, this time bobbling their way through the kal-if-fee. And finally there will be another Spock, this time in his The Voyage Home robes, and this one will also have a sound feature. As yet there are no release dates for any of these new designs.

There will be Star Trek variants of all the The Big Bang Theory characters in Bif Bang Pow's range of three and three-quarter inch action figures (which should nicely complement the actual Star Trek characters in the range of similar figures from Funko). Bif Bang Pow had all these on show among the regular versions of the characters, check them out after the jump:

Bif Bang Pow also had much of their existing Star Trek range on display, plus the two Comic Con exclusives, the five captains bobble head set, and the amazing wobbling whales!

Images above come via Toy Ark and, and you'll find more images of the entire Bif Bang Pow display in galleries on both sites.

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