Monday 11 May 2015

Titan: Sight Unseen cover

Coming in October is James Swallow's new Titan novel, Sight Unseen, and have now revealed the cover, featuring artwork by Tobias Richter, showcasing his fantastic Titan model (first seen on the cover of Swallow's last Titan story, The Fall: The Poisoned Chalice) once again:

While the Titan and crew have featured in a novella, Absent Enemies, and a more TNG and Aventine focused novel, Takedown (both by John Jackson Miller), this will be the first Titan novel since The Fall, so should be interesting to see how the series adapts to Riker's new job in the admiralty.

Continue after the jump for a reminder of the blurb:
In the wake of political upheaval across the United Federation of Planets, Admiral William Riker and the crew of the U.S.S. Titan find themselves in uncertain waters as roles aboard the ship change to reflect a new mandate and a new mission. On orders from Starfleet, Titan sets out toward the edge of Federation space to tackle its latest assignment: to work with an alien species known as the Dinac, who are taking their first steps into the galaxy at large as a newly warp-capable civilization.

But when disaster befalls the Dinac, the Titan crew discovers they have unknowingly drawn the attention of a deadly, merciless enemy—a nightmare from Riker’s past lurking in the darkness. Friendships will be tested to the limit as familiar faces and new allies must risk everything in a fight against an unstoppable invader—or a horrific threat will be unleashed on the galaxy!
If you're a Titan fan, then also make sure you add your name to the USS Titan petition; if we can find five-thousand people who would like to see a model of the Luna class ship become part of The Official Starships Collection then a special extra issue can be commissioned! We're well over 70% towards that goal, we just need to find those last few Titan fans. And who wouldn't want a model of this wonderful ship??

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