Saturday 1 November 2014

Book bits: New Section 31, Voyager, and TOS novels, plus new Cross Cult covers

A few book bits here, including two new titles, and the possibility of another book on the way...

Out now is David Mack's latest novel, Section 31: Disavowed, which is a follow-up to The Fall, the Mirror Universe books, and Cold Equations! We already knew this book itself would be leading onto another Section 31 story, and if you flip to the back pages of Disavowed you will discover the title of that book, Section 31: Control. There's no news yet on when this will be released, but given we already know half of the 2015 schedule, I wouldn't expect it until at least the latter half of next year.

Kirsten Beyer's latest Voyager novel, Acts of Contrition is another recent release, and discussing that book on TrekFM's Literary Trek's Beyer revealed some details about future Voyager novels. The next book in the series, Atonement, which is also due out later next year, and will conclude the current trilogy of stories, Beyer revealed will feature a surprising guest star:
For the first time in Atonement, I got to write for Garak.
Beyer is already signed up to write another Voyager novel after that, and is indeed already in the process of writing it. She revealed the working title (which she anticipates will also be the final title), will be, A Pocket Full of Lies, and gave a brief summary:
It's really setting the stage for the second year, and what some of our challenges are going to be. So it's a self contained story, in that it's got a very definite problem that we're going to resolve. But it's bringing in a lot of new issues and races, and again, sort of taking what we think we know about Voyager, and the impact that they had, in a whole different area of the Delta Quadrant, and going back and saying, wow, what really happened here.
Beyond there Beyer isn't yet contracted for further books, but clearly already has thoughts on where she will take the series:
I definitely see that continuing on from there, there will be more of a need to do several sort of standalone adventures, that deal with various things, before we would begin to let the momentum that's going to be kicked off in that book build, and then resolve; kind of like we did with Meegan.
The final bit of new book news comes from Christopher L. Bennett, who recently posted a blog with process updates on his forthcoming Rise of the Federation and Department of Temporal Investigations books also mentioned he is hoping to pitch some ideas for TOS era stories:
I’m starting to think about a new Trek pitch or two set in the Original Series era. I’m hoping I can get something approved in time for the 50th anniversary in 2016. In which case I’d better get cracking.
Want more books news? Well continue after the jump for a look at the latest new cover designs from German publisher Cross Cult:

Cross Cult have released two new covers recently, on their Star Trek books Facebook page, both by their regular artist, Martin Frei. First up, this is the cover for Peter David's New Frontier novel, Stone and Anvil, aka Stein und Amboss, which is due out in German next August:

And this is the thirteenth Corps of Engineers enovella, No Surrender, by Jeff Mariotte. Cross Cul haven't released the German title for this yet, or scheduled it, but based on the their current release rate for the series, I would expect it next July.

For more information on all the future Star Trek books releases check the books listings on my 2015 schedule page, where you'll find details of all known releases, and links to previous reports.

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