Friday 31 October 2014

Latest Crowded Coop apparel

Several new items Crowded Coop's new range of TOS bags, wallets, purses, and luggage tags are due out over the next few weeks, and both Entertainment Earth and ThinkGeek have added and updated listings with new images of the Coop's forthcoming creations.

The most eye-catching new listing on Entertainment Earth is the USS Enterprise messenger bag, which manages to form the saucer in the rectangular flap of the bag, with the nacelles functioning as clips to keep it closed:

Entertainment Earth have also amended their listings for the tricorder messenger bag, and tribble coin purse, showing these prop-based designs in their final form:

Continue after the jump for a look at more new pieces from Crowded Coop:

Tribbles also appear on a more conventional purse in the TOS character range, which pairs the main players with some of their catch phrases. Spock and Scotty are available as purses, while Kirk, McCoy, and Spock again can be found in luggage tag form:

There are even more TOS purses in uniform-inspired designs, these new images come from ThinkGeek's recent listings:

And ThinkGeek have also posted new images of two items in the retro tech range, the wallet and card holder:

Entertainment Earth

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