Monday 28 July 2014

Resistance if futile, ThinkGeek make the Borg cool again

ThinkGeek have brought us some weird and wonderful Star Trek creations over the past few years; everything from the iconic USS Enterprise pizza cutter to tribble slippers. As a Borg fan, they might have just achieved a new high for me though, with their brilliant Borg Cube fridge.

Of course Borg normally like to keep their cubes at precisely 39.1 °C, but perhaps in an effort to regain their cool, they've made this mini-cube, which can comfortably accommodate nine cans of drink, a bit chillier. The Borg fridge of course glows green, both inside, and through lighted sections of the hull on the exterior.

This is ThinkGeek's second Borg chilling product in as many months, following their metal Borg whiskey chiller cubes last month. Borg ice-cubes next?

Star Trek

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  1. The outside of this fridge looks surprisingly similar to the cube that was part of the subscriber gifts of the official starships collection